Lake Revsund | Activities
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The hiking trails St. Olav Trail and Forsaleden hiking trails; skiing in the middle of summer; a school museum with audio guide; fishing; a motor museum; a steamboat trip; canoeing to a secret sandy beach; a rich cultural history; gastronomic experiences or just enjoying the silence. There is so much to discover and do on and around Lake Revsund.


Contact one of our experienced companies to help you mix and match a unique day trip on and around Lake Revsund.

Steamboat Alma

In 1873, the steamboat Alma was launched in the beautiful Lake Revsund. Its home port was Stavre and its main task was to tow timber. Today, 146 years later, Alma is moored at the jetty in Stavre, but now has a different job. During July she ferries passengers on trips every Sunday and Wednesday. In August she departs on Sundays at 12pm and on Wednesdays tours start at 6pm. Every trip takes around two hours and usually has on-board entertainment.

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Beer tasting

At Bakgården we have been brewing our own beers since 2012. We have a collection of beers that suits most tastes. You are welcome to taste our beers and learn about their secret ingredients and unique tastes. A bear tasting can be combined with a three-course dinner or a simple meal.

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Indoor skiing

Welcome to MidSwedens365 in Gällö – the world’s longest ski tunnel located inside a mountain! The temperature is minus four degrees and it’s light all year round. In the mountain there are 1.4 km of ski trails – classic and skate – as well as six biathlon tracks.

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Revsund’s church

On the shore of the lake lies Revsund’s church, Jämtland’s largest rural church. It was inaugurated in 1876 and was built on the site of the old church that had been standing there since the 12th century. A picturesque path takes you down to the lake, to a beautiful barbecue area and the steamboat pier. The church is open to visitors when there is staff on site, usually in summer time. The building is also used as a concert venue.

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